So, in case you didn’t know, I moved to Boston from metro-Detroit last summer, and remain a fiercely proud Michigander (as all of us who are from that state seem to be). Occasionally I’ll Tweet about Michigan-related events, beer festivals, or tap takeovers at a bar from my hometown. I have a love/hate relationship with Detroit (again, as most of us do). But even though Detroit is usually on the butt end of some joke pertaining to how royally screwed up it is, one thing the city’s Corktown neighborhood has going for it is this:

Batch Brewing Company

Yes ladies and gentleman, Batch Brewing Company is Detroit, Michigan’s first nanobrewery!

With help from, the brewery reached its goal of $25,000 for start-up funds.


We all know that Michigan is a great beer state, but the nanobrewing culture hasn’t caught on there as much as it has here in New England. Certainly not in the city of Detroit, which recently hired an emergency manager in a last-ditch effort to pull the city up by its bootstraps after almost 50 years of mismanagement and neglect following the riots in 1967. Fun fact: my aunt was at a Tiger’s baseball game when the riots broke out.

The nanobrewery’s location couldn’t be better. Corktown is an up-and-coming part of town full of awesome Irish dive bars, restaurants, and a sprinkling of eclectic art galleries between new converted loft-style condos. Yes, people actually live there. And yes, according to the area’s 30-something demographic majority, many of whom are of Irish decent, the people there are interested in drinking beer too.

So yes, big news for the D. Congratulations Stephen Roginson and the Batch Brewing Company team. I’ll be seeing you the next time I’m home.


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